Batting Gloves.

Stay in the game

Goat Skin Leather

Extensively tested. Super durable. Slightly tacky. Be the goat.

Bulletproof Thread

You're only as strong as your weakest link. Our stitching is made of the same material as bulletproof vests.

TPR Exoskeleton

Protective and breathable simultaneously. Designed to keep you on the field.


Hear what our customers think

"I am a big fan. The extra protection sets your mind at ease in the box. Definitely something you don't get with regular batting gloves."

Adam A

"The first thing I noticed when I wore the gloves was the leather. Once I picked up a bat with these on, I felt the difference immediately. The leather on the palm really made me feel like I had a whole new control on the bat. "

Jeff D

"My son loved the protection on the back of the glove.  It really is a gamechanger. He also liked how high end the glove looked and felt on his hand."

Bill W

"Such a great product! I think everyone shoulde be required to use these gloves."

Dan M