How it all began

Gauntlet Gear was founded by former professional baseball player and coach, Brian Flynn-Kocourek in 2021 and launched in 2023 after 2 years of development.  After suffering hand and finger injuries, Brian's doctors recommended hand protection while playing.  He quickly realized that the available options were disappointing and lacked the support and protection truly needed to feel confident at the plate.  They were bulky, ugly hand guards that were uncomfortable and annoying to use or protective batting gloves that only offered very little protection and were made of low-quality materials.  All of them were uncomfortable, slippery, and wouldn't last a long season of games and practices.  With his experience as a player and then coach, he decided he needed to design the ultimate pair of batting gloves that solved all these problems. 

Our Product Philosophy

Gauntlet Gear is committed to designing equipment that is high quality, innovative, stylish and unlike anything else on the market.  You won't see us just slap a logo on the standard cheap piece of junk.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you buy a Gauntlet Gear product, we want you to be 100% satisfied.  If our products don't meet your expectations, please contact us and we guarantee we will make it right!