Protective Batting Gloves: A new idea?

by Brian Flynn-Kocourek on Jan 09, 2023

Protective Batting Gloves:  A new idea?
You may see our gloves and think "I don't need those, MLB players don't use anything like that"
And you would be right....sort of.  Currently, most MLB (and baseball and softball players) don't use hand protection at the plate.  However, in recent years a growing number of players are making the smart choice to protect the small bones in their hands and wrist while hitting.
Baseball players hand protection
As you can see in the pictures above, MLB stars like Mike Trout, Pete Alonso and Bo Bichette wear hand guards strapped on top of their batting gloves.  A step in the right direction, but as we have noted elsewhere, the guards are not the best solution.  They can be bulky, annoying and an extra thing to worry about when you are trying to get ready to hit.
Jeff Bagwell swinging a baseball bat
You may think that this is only recent but even going back 15-20 years some MLB players were innovators and protected their hands.  After breaking their hands early in their careers on hit by pitches, Hall of Famers Jeff Bagwell and Derek Jeter did something about it.  Jeter would discreetly have a protective guard stitched into his batting gloves, as you can see below.  
Derek Jeter hitting a baseball
At Gauntlet Gear, we don't claim to have invented the idea of protecting your hands at the plate.  We just want to make it popular and help keep players on the field.  We feel our armored batting gloves are the best solution to the problem and we hope to see all baseball and softball players staying safe on the field one day.